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An Alternative to eBay ?

Why would I use eBid when I can sell & buy on eBay ?

Why not use both, Over 12,000 new members are joining eBid each month, this number is growing all the time and there are good reasons why.
  • 100% free to list.
  • Trusted and established site.
  • Official Google™products partner.
  • Fast servers & Secure login.
  • Sites in 18+ countries.
  • Fraud prevention systems.
  • Run until sold.
  • Great customer service.
  • Buddy points system ( Earn points to spend when you buy, sell or refer ).
  • Join free today and find out more great reasons.

Why is eBid different ?

The site has been voted the best eBay alternative twice by Webuser Magazine, TopTenReviews and is now the official Google products search partner.

eBid has been steadily growing for over 10 years ( Visitor growth each year is also increasing by over 300% ) so it's a well trusted and long established auction site and is one of the reasons why Google products is now a partner..

eBid listens to it's members and are always open to new ideas and suggestions for new categories and/or site features and are quick to sort any problems you may have, ohh,.and lets not forget that you earn points for every item you sell or buy, you can then use these points to bid on “buddy point” auctions which include items such as Games consoles, Microwaves, TV’s etc.

As the site continues to grow, buyers will get more choice and cheaper items as sellers can list there whole stock without fear of listing fees and large final value fees so can list there items with cheaper prices than they ever could on other sites.

I've heard others say, "I don't sell much on eBid" ?

Yes, this was a problem some years ago, but I'm now pleased to say this is no longer such an issue in 2009.

eBid has really taken off in the last 3 years due to all the fantastic eBid sellers and buyers also a lot of cash being spent on a huge US and UK based server infrastructure, software, advertising, and perfecting the site so it runs fast and stable and we should, expect lots more, TV, Radio, and Newspaper advertising and a host of new features, promotions and competitions in 2009 - 2010 as the site continues to grow.

Good news for sellers, Sales on eBid are increasing by 19% month on month from September 2009 figures.

What payment types can I use on eBid ?

You are not forced to use a certain payment system on eBid , for example, you can use Nochex which is great news for buyers and sellers as the fees with Nochex are far less!

  • Google Checkout
  • Paypal
  • Nochex
  • Eggpay
  • PPPay
  • Escrow
  • BACS/Bank Transfer
  • Postal orders
  • Personal check/cheque

Along with other well known payment services, are all accepted on eBid.

How much will it cost me to sell on eBid ?

There are three account types on eBid

  • Buyer
  • Seller
  • Seller Plus+

As a seller on eBid it's completely free to list and re-list as many items as you like, as you don't pay to list your items on eBid, only when your item sells will you be charged a small final value fee of just 3%.

You can also upgrade to Seller Plus+ and have up to 5 free stores etc. with 0% Insertion fee and 0% final value fee with the "free auction".

Give it a try and remember unlike other auction sites, If you don't sell there is no charge!

OK I want to try eBid. How do I join ?

Go to newww.eBid.net, select your country and register, it's that simple. Remember joining eBid is fast and free so if you sell or buy on other sites like eBay, Register your username on eBid now before someone else does!